Mr Detlef DELLWO - 20, Quai Du Port
 Mr Detlef DELLWO - 20, Quai Du Port

 04 68 23 49 40  /
 06 62 03 49 40

 Restaurant, Glacier la Cybele

OPEN EVERYDAY FROM MAY UNTIL THE END OF SEPTEMBER (Except for days with inclement weather) *

Saint Roch (La Cybele) has been an operational restaurant sitting alongside the canal du midi since 2009. Our prime location affords our customers canal side dining in a lovely covered terrace where they can experience the gastronomic delights of locally sourced ingredients. For those wanting a quick refreshing stop along the canal we also provide cold drinks and ice cream.

We are conveniently located next to the tour boat which would provide a wonderful family outing or gathering for friends. Children will love being introduced to our local wildufe, Gertrude the swan and her partner, Nestor the Coypu/ragondin and the many ducks in the area. They will enjoy any and all bread crumbs you can provide.